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Urdu English Business Sindhi Punjabi
Khalsa Akhbar Lahore'
Safeer Khabraan (Punjabi: خبراں)
  Chitral Vision

Daily Naya Zamana

  Mehran Gujarati
  Sach Millat
World Tribune Pakistan   Koshish Vatan
  Daily Sindhu  

Now You Can Read All Pakistani Newspaper just in one click. Yes, no need to search for your favorite Pakistani Newspaper or epaper, you can read any Newspaper of your country of any language from this site. Just click the icon of your favorite newspaper and voila it will open in new window for your. You can easily switch newspapers, you can search classifieds in multiple newspapers. You can compare a news item in several Pakistani newspaper. Pakistani press is now in your reach. you can read very easily all publication of Pakistani press and print media

It is very helpful for you, if you are preparing for completion exams; by this site you can easily read all the editorial pages and article pages of all Pakistani Newspapers.

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Urdu Newspapers

List of Urdu Newspapers of Pakistan.

Daily Jang
Lahore Post
Daily Pakistan
Express News (Pakistan)
Daily Naya Zamana
Daily AGHAZ Karachi
Daily Dunya
Daily Pakistan
Shan e Gujrat (Urdu: شان گجرات), Daily Abhaam,  Sada-e-Haq,  Akhbaar-e-Khaibar,  Bolta Pakistan, Azkaar, Daily Akhbar, Daily Insaaf, Bunyadein, Daily Adl, Daily Shohrat, Daily city press, Daily Quomi Numaindgi, Daily Khabarkar Swat, The Inqiulaab, Khuli-Khabar, Rawal-News, Baad-e-Shimal, Daily Salaam, Daily K2, Daily Azadi Swat, Daily Sahara, Daily Awam, Daily Intikhaab, Daily Khabariya, Daily Press Conference, Daily Saltanat, Quami-Akhbaar, Daily Universal, Daily Aitadaal, Daily Qadaamat, Naya Akhbaar, Daily Aaj Kal, Daily Sahafat, Daily Pardes, Daily Mashriq, Daily Taqat, Daily Hareef, Daily Ausaaf, Daily Ashsharq, Daily Ummat, Jahan-e-Pakistan, Khabrain, Jasarat, Daily Musawat, Daily Islam, Nawa-e-Waqt, Daily Aman, Al-Akhbaar


English Newspapers of Pakistan

List of English Newspapers of Pakistan.

The Star
The Statesman
The Nation
Daily Times
Pakistan Observer
Business Recorder
The Post'
The Friday Times
The Frontier Post
Worldwide Events
Daily Nai Baat
Pakistan State Times
The News International
The Regional Times of Sindh, Daily Jasarat, The Daily Explorer,  Tribune Pakistan, The Associate press of Pakistan, The Pioneer Pakistan, Daily Mail, World Tribune Pakistan, Pak Tribune.

Business Newspapers of Pakistan

List of Business Newspapers of Pakistan

Daily The Pak Banker
Business Recorder
The Financial Daily of Pakistan

Gujarati Newspapers

List of Gujarati Newspapers of Pakistan.

Millat (Gujarati: મલ્લત)
Vatan (Gujarati: વતન)

Sindhi Newspapers

List of Sindhi Newspapers of Pakistan.

The Regional Times of Sindh
Daily Sindh
Daily Sindhu

Punjabi Newspapers

List of Punjabi Newspapers of Pakistan.

Khalsa Akhbar Lahore'
Khabraan (Punjabi: خبراں)

Khowar Newspapers

List of Khowar Newspapers of Pakistan.

Chitral Vision (Khowar: چترال وژن) (Urdu: چترال وژن)

Pashto Newspapers

List of Pashto Newspapers of Pakistan.

Wahdat (Pashto: وحدت‎)

Image, Picture of Pakistani Newspapers

Pakistani Newspapers

Local Search Box - Search Your Local Newspapers only

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